Floating Duck Wing Set

Floating Duck Wing Set


The Floating Basic Wing Set is designed for the “deep water” duck hunter. It can be easily disassembled for transporting. This is the only waterfowl attractor that will hold up in saltwater. The spinning motion of the Wing added to your decoy spread will be visible for great distances and will bring those birds within gun range.

1ea. WindWhacker Duck Wing

1ea. Hanging Arm with Snap/Swivel

1ea. Carbon Fiber Support Pole with slotted receiver

2ea. Elastic Tether Silencer

1ea. Foam Float with attachment eye for decoy line/anchor

1ea. Underwater Extension Pole with weight attachment

(The required weight is not included. The size of the weight to use is dependent on the intensity of the wind. 2 pounds minimum required)

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Floating Duck Wing Motion Decoy set