Up until introduction of the WindWhacker decoy, waterfowl hunters had two choices for providing wing-motion attraction to their spread: either battery operated wing-moving decoys like Moto-Duck, or duck kites, that required a good breeze to make them operate. Early season use of battery-operated decoys is now illegal, and some waterfowlers never liked them in the first place And duck kites? Usually, by time the wind is blowing hard enough to fly a duck kite, the birds are flying well already!

Enter WindWhacker, invented by Don Rohrke, new supporting member of OWAC. His invention will revolutionize waterfowling wing-movement decoys. This is a non-motorized wing-movement decoy that spins when even the slightest breeze hits it, and I mean a light breeze, even under 2 mph. Even a fog will move the blades, I found out in one hunt this past fall, when the light fog movement kept the blades turning full time.

And yes, they do work! Very well! Even better, I think, than battery operated decoys, because these blades hang from a support arm, and as the wind gusts or increases in velocity, the wings lift from the wind pressure. When it’s gusty, the wings rotate and actually loft up and down, providing rotating black/white color and up and down movement. This is much more realistic than a battery operated wing-movement decoy that remains constant.

This past duck season has been the most productive I’ve had in 5 years, and I owe a lot of that success to using the new WindWhacker decoy.

Bill KarrEditor Western Outdoor News

Dear Don,

In 2008 in the central valley of California laying in the bottom of a rice blind I saw my first windwhacker. At the time I saw these pieces of metal junk and laughed at them. THAT WOULD NEVER WORK was my first I thought.

Later that year I was hunting mallards and widgeon in the “A” spot of the refuge where the birds had been going for a week. Another group of hunters got there late and had to set up in the “B” spot across the pond. I was all smiles until they put up some type of spinning wing device every flock gave my spread a quick once-over at 45 yards then dove into the “B” spot like it was the closed zone!  I promptly put up my trusty “wind duck” and the dang thing just sat there wings didn’t even move in the light breeze that morning! The hunters across the pond sailed a bird to my side and I decided to hand-deliver that bird just so I could take a looksee…… as I was convinced their decoy must be motorized which is illegal in California that time of year. When I got over to their spread I was shocked to see it was one of those “stupid looking” metal windwhackers! I got online and searched until I found out what this “stupid” gizmo was so I could order some immediately!

Why do I love Windwhackers? Because my style of hunting is hard on equipment and I hunt in the muddy, ugly, long walk locations that motorized decoys just don’t survive well in. I really love the simplicity no batteries, no weight, no broken pieces it just works. If your lab jumps on this decoy it still works fine!

 Why do I love Windwhackers even more…..I scout, I hunt hard, I do everything I can to be on the “X” so why would I need a windwhacker? I use mine to adjust exactly where the birds land and how they work to make perfect easy shots. If the birds aren’t doing what I want I can often adjust only the windwhacker and not have to move my whole spread. To prove to “non-believers” I have even stuck the windwhacker back in the sagebrush/grassland behind the pond we were hunting and the birds immediately shifted their final landing to behind us even though there was no water……we had to turn around to shoot! They all own windwhackers now……

I am in no way affiliated with this company or its owners but I can tell you it’s a great product and you won’t find me ducking hunt without one or two in my bag of tricks. I am a decoy junkie and I was raised by a decoy junkie and most of my friends are decoy junkies………I get out at least 60 days a year chasing waterfowl.  Me and my hunting buddies all messed around with making our own out of sheet metal but they are not the same they don’t spin true and they are just plain frustrating…..Don  Rohrke and his son Rob stand behind their product and are awesome.  I am big on supporting other hunters who solve problems….I just wish I would have thought of it first!

P.S. DON I used the bouncer pole setup you sent me it was incredible I can’t believe I didn’t think of that years ago!!!

Dominic BachmanWaterfowl Biologist - Modoc National Wildlife Refuge, Alturas, CA

I used to use the battery operated Robo-Duck and also the Wind-Duck to help attract more waterfowl over the past 9 years until this year.

I purchased a wind operated decoy called the Windwhacker. This waterfowl attracter only needs about a 1 mile an hour wind speed to get it spinning, which is quite less than the Wind-Duck which takes at least 5MPH. Before the season had finished I ended up with 6 Windwhacker decoys to put amongst my spread of decoys, the motion of this attracter is better than anything I had used prior to this year. The Windwhacker decoy is very light and best of all, NO batteries to keep recharging. This item really works. Many thanks to the inventor of this new decoy.

JON SCHMIDT / Tim Bailey & AssociatesCalifornia Sales Rep for Robo Duck

Windwhackers are simply AMAZING TOOLS! Lightweight, space-saving, no batteries and AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE! I won’t go Snow Goose or Duck hunting without my Windwhackers! I can carry ten Windwhacker rigs in less space than 2 motorized decoys. WindWhackers, Amazingly Effective and legal EVERYWHERE!

SEAN MANNWorld Champion duck and goose caller, professional waterfowl guide

My son and I were hunting as guests of a friend in a blind in Northern California. The hunting was pretty slow and our host was getting frustrated by the lack of action and was ready to pack it in for the day, He remembered that one of his blind partners had great success a few days earlier using a Wind Whacker for the first time. He literally held the Wind Whacker up in the air with his hands while still in the blind and a third of his torso above ground. He did it as more of a joke because we had never seen a WindWhacker before and we were all skeptical. The results were unbelievable. Ducks started coming into range from all directions almost instantly. Of course I purchased a Wind Whacker the very next week, and have been having great success. We are typically refuge hunters and have had better shoots than the other guys on the same pond. The WindWhacker is a terrific product.

BILL WHITAKERAvid waterfowl, refuge hunter

I was surprised to discover the WindWhacker Decoy is a great duck hunting tool! Effective and easy to use. It operates in the slightest wind and really attracts the birds.

BRUCE HORRELLTV Show Host of "The Wingshooter"

I just wanted to Thank you for the excellent service and getting my replacement WindWhacker out so quickly. I had my original one stolen out of my boat and could not bear the thought of hitting the marsh without it. You got it to me in time for my last two hunts, and as always it was the difference maker.” Thanks! Randy John Usilton, Waterfowler

“Rob used the windwhackers today. Felt kinda sorry for the two guys in the blind over. We let a few pass and they got somebirds. I don’t shoot teal or spoonies or it would have been over in min. Mallards gadwall today. Guys thought we had 6 robos, but they were WINDWHACKERS. I think they’ll get some if not they will see the same thing I saw the second time. Thanks again Rob” JIM WILLIAMS, Goose hunter

RANDY STETZER of Portland Oregon

Rob; I used your windwhacker goose decoys over the weekend and they drew in a flock of 16 honkers I was able to bag two of them on the first day and then on the second day bagged 5 snows should have been more if I had shot better missed some easy ones. I put out two of your pro-packs decoys sets I spread them out three to a leg I use an x pattern for my layout those honkers are the first to be shot in my group where we hunt we see them but have never been able to get them into shooting range and I know it was because of your windwhackers. I am trying to decide if I should add more or not my concern is to much movement. Thanks for everything and you have a happy holiday I will keep in touch and send more pictures as I get them.

Jim Williams

Hi Rob, “I want to first tell you that the Windwhacker Decoys are the best wind powered spinning wing decoys I have ever used. I was amazed at the response from ducks that have seen several different types of wind powered decoys. I use two Higdon Pulsators normally this time of year, but I was able to put them away when I put out the Windwhackers. There was no doubt which decoys the birds were focused on. My hunting buddy and I limited out in an hour and a half at a public refuge on Saturday where the average hunter bagged less than one bird that day. The fish and game officers were amazed that we limited out when so many did not even get a single bird that day. I credit your product the Windwhacker Decoy for our success that day. Thank you again for sending me a replacement pole right away. I really appreciate your 100% guarantee and your customer service. I will be telling my friends about your product. Once they see how the ducks are mesmerized by your decoys they will be calling you.

BRENDAN HINKLERefuge waterfowler

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again for the donation to Northwest Indiana Waterfowl USA’s dinner event in April and to share a short story about the set I won at the dinner and another set I rescued on Ebay.

I was out at a public marsh last week hunting with 2 of my buddies. One buddy had a mojo and I brought the WindWhackers. The one buddy laughed at me, for about 1 1/2 hours…..thats when his mojo died. Everyone else in eye sight had mojo’s running like a main circus attraction and NO ONE was shooting ducks!

10 minutes after Craigs mojo went to robo duck heaven we had a group of 8 birds lock and set on down into our decoys. The wind was blowing at 15mph so you know the wings were flying. We dropped 3 mallards and 2 shovlers out of that group. Still no one else was shooting (we were in flooded cut corn fields) In the next 2 hours we filled 3 limits, picked up our decoys and started to head back. At the parking lot I had several admirers of the Windwhackers, especially since out of 19 blinds only my buddy’s and I had shot more then 2 wood ducks since first light.

Well we head off to the headquarters to check in and were approached by a couple more guys asking about them (hope you get some orders out of this lol) after an hour of BS’ing we go out to the truck and notice someone had laid one of our decoy bags on the ground and the mojo was on top of the tool box, instead of in the bed of the truck!! A quick inventory showed the only things missing were my windwhackers! I guess someone was so envious they had to steal them instead of buying their own.

That was all they took was my windwhackers. Ticked me off of course, but in the end it is kind of funny as most of these guys run 2,3 or even 4 $100 mojo’s at a time.

I will be ordering replacements after Christmas, but I just wanted to share the story with you. Every time we have used them this season we had birds almost landing on top of them, even when the mojo was running on the other side of the decoy spread, the ducks chose the windwhackers to land or work closest to every time!

GEORGE WITCZAKRefuge waterfowler from Roselawn, Indiana

For the majority of our season, the ducks either hadn’t arrived ( due to long-lingering “Indian Summer”-like weather conditions here in the midwest and parts northward up into Canada) and/or were just very difficult to pattern and got stale quickly. ( again due to the weather and lack of new birds). Subsequently, we have had to rely on literally hundreds of miles of scouting and resorting to using every trick in the book we know of; to both get into birds and get them to commit.

Upon receiving your Windwhackers, both my hunting partner and I came up with all sorts of tests we could put them through: different placements in the spread, use with small and large spreads, multiple wind-conditions, with/without other motion decoys and devices,etc. But the test which sold us came purely by happenstance.

Not having clients booked for the day, my partner’s son and I headed to a local marsh where bird numbers were slowly building. We had a very strong north wind accompanied with blue-bird skies and temperature far from a typical November. As dawn approached, we noticed that another hunter had set up approximately 300 yards across from us. He had approximately the same number of decoys out as we did; plus two Mojo-type spinning wing decoys. He was just as hidden as we were. And as luck would have it, the way the birds were working that morning, they had a much better initial view of his spread than ours on their approach.

To keep a long story short, the best way to summarize our Windwhackers versus his Mojos is he went home empty-handed; never having fired a shot. The birds did get drawn first toward his rig, but every flock flared at approximately 70-80 yards from the mojos. By that time, they were then able to see our Windwhackers and did not hesitate “to investigate”; with several qickly “committing suicide”. This scenario has played out several times since.

Great product Don. A credit to your ingenuity. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. Now granted, we are dealing with waterfowl, and I can’t say we duped every bird which has flown over our spread. But the ones we have had commit, want to hover right on top of the Windwhackers or land next to them.

Windwhackers…..a quality motion-system which increases one’s odds for success.

JIM BONWELLCo-Owner/Operator of Dead Leaf’n Guide Service, West Des Moines, Iowa

I was able to use the WindWhacker Decoy this season, however I wish I would have purchased one earlier. The first time I used it was on an afternoon hunt in December. I only had a couple of hours to hunt as I was able to cut out of work around 3:00. I took 6 full body geese, 6 full body mallards, and the WindWhacker.

I knew that ducks and geese were using the field, but the “X” was about 300 yards from where I had set up. There was a slight breeze and the decoy was spinning effortlessly. I was very impressed with the performance of the WindWhacker. Multiple flocks of mallards were headed to the “X”, but the WindWhacker pulled them into my small spread.

I shot 3 drake mallards out of three separate flocks. Each time I shot, the birds would spook and and start flying away, but they would always turn back and start circling my spread. My calling was very minimal. From watching the reaction of the birds, I think it was the motion of the WindWhacker deocy that held their interest.

All of the separate flocks of ducks converged into one mass of about 70 birds. The ducks kept circling around within gun range and were buzzing over my layout blind. I could have shot a limit of ducks, but for the next 15 minutes I just sat quietly in my blind watching the spectacle that had unfolded. As I was watching these birds circle and land, I noticed a majority of the birds kept looking in the direction of the WindWhacker decoy. It was an awesome experience and needless to say, this was a day that will be etched into my memory for life.

I was only able to use it a couple of more times during the remainder of the season, but equally impressed with the performance and results. I anticipate purchasing a couple more and I look forward to trying it out on divers at lake Erie next season.

The design of your product is outstanding.

JOHN SINICHAK, Waterfowler

The best kept waterfowl secret has been the WindWhacker

I first found out about the Windwhacker double blade 3 years ago while hunting with Western Outdoor News Editor Bill Karr. We were hunting in the Klamath Basin and Karr asked me if I got the demo CD about the WindWhacker. I said, “Yes but it looked like it wouldn’t work.” Karr said, “This is the best attractor since the Robo Duck.” Karr had one in his hunting bag and put it out in the pond we were hunting. The first mallard that came by was in the ozone layer locked up and came straight in without another wing beat. Within the next 2 hours mallards came to it like a dog on a leash.” The best kept waterfowl secret has been the WindWhacker

BILL MAYS, Western Outdoor News hunting writer and waterfowler

I have to say I was a little hesitant buying wind operated spinning wing decoys but I will admit they work AWESOME. I used them this weekend down the dike from a guy using mojo’s and I pulled more birds in than he did. These things work so good I highly recommend them to you serious fowlers. Take a look at the link and you will see for yourselves. If you order $100 worth of whackers you will get free shipping. Just mention Bloody Decks when you order.

These things are sweet. 1 mile an hour of wind is all you need.

BRYANTA hunter’s comment on "Bloody Decks:"

I had mojo mallards last year and threw those noisy POS’s away. This year I tried the wind whacker you sold me at the end of the season last year. I had ducks working them in 3 mph. They are quiet. Last weekend in 25 mph winds they had ducks landing in the open field at 11 am in the morning. Fantastic, nice job !!


Love your product and have talked four of my friends from Washington into buying them.  Some were skeptics, “it doesn’t look like a duck”.  All understood once they saw the results.  One of my super skeptic guide buddies bought in not even seeing it in action.  Hey whats that in your truck?  On that’s my wind whacker your not ready for that yet, next day he says he placed àn order. Anyway I wanted to say I love carbon poles.  I have made some couplers out of wood dowels and have been considering modifying them to make an a frame blind.  If you had access to a 3d printer the couplers would be easy to produce.

Keep up the great work.  Hope to place another order before the seasons end.


Wind Whacker Decoys are the best kept secret in the sport of water fowling.  Light weight, quiet and versatile.  Do yourself a favor and pick up at least 2.  I personally own 6 and am going to buy more.  I especially like to stack them when the wind is blowing 10mp or above.  Thank you Wind Whacker for a product that really works!